Friday, 16 September 2011

Perry Miniatures French Napoleonic Horse Artillery 2

Work on the Horse Artillery battery of four guns continues. Here we have four Perry Foot Artillery gunners with added greenstuff to create the cloak with cape as issued to Horse Artillery. This hides the crossbelts, short sword and bayonet which these figures were originally sculpted with and which are incorrect for their cousins in the Horse Artillery. The only thing removed from the original casts was the cartridge box. A little extra greenstuff on the cuffs to give the larger cuff found on the cloak and a little more on the bottom of the trousers to lengthen them to suggest overalls beneath the cloak.


Rodger said...

Very nice work with the green stuff. Nice painting too.

Ed said...

Lovely work. Just perused your blog and the pictures of your painting.