Monday, 2 May 2011

Perry Miniatures Sudan. King's Royal Rifle Corps.

Two chaps from the KRRC. You may find it hard to spot them as they are wearing "invisble grey".


Bedford said...

OK, I'll bite..... 'invisibale grey?

Beautifully rendered mini's.


Mark Hargreaves said...

Thanks for biting, Darrell! Troops dispatched to Egypt after 1882 were clothed in a grey serge uniform, the colour of which was known as "smoke grey" or "invisible grey". This was an experiment to try to create a comfortable, practical and less conspicuous alternative to scarlet. By 1885 a khaki cotton drill was beginning to be slowly introduced. The Guards Brigade arrived in Egypt with two suits of khaki drill per man. The majority of British troops fighting the war in Sudan between 1884-85, who had arrived from Home service, would have been dressed in "invisble grey". Troops from Indian service wore Indian produced khaki uniforms.