Sunday, 13 March 2011

Basing Walkthrough

I've had a few requests for information on how I base my miniatures so here's a walkthrough. First, the contents of my basing materials drawer: grass tufts and static grass of various shades, flocks of various hues, modellers grit of different grades, talus, field grass, torn up wine corks, slate chippings, a bit of my neighbour's old door mat and some dried up sweet chestnut cases.
Two one and a half inch square pieces of cardboard as bases, liberally spread with PVA.
Some slate chippings for rocks on the left (this one will be a lush green base) and some slate and torn cork on the right (this will become an arid base).
Next grit. I have containers with various grades and one which has a mixture of fine and grit and fine talus.
Apply grit to PVA. The base on the left is half covered with fine grit/talus mix and half with very fine grit. The base on the left is completely covered with the fine grit/talus mix.
Note the change in texture on the left hand base. I've added four pieces of slate as well.... for a reason!
Next both get a coating of Burnt Sienna coloured ink.

First the "green" base. The rocks on the left hand base then get a drybrushing
with Foundry Granite B then C.
Then the grit gets a drybrushing of this excellent earth tone paint from Miniatures Paints (I'm not sure that you can still get this... good job I have plenty more).
Then a light drybrushing with Vallejo Model Colour USA Tan Earth.

Now the fun bit. A few grass tufts, dark and light, and a "weed" tuft.
Some dark green flock.

And then some mid-green and light green flock.

Some short bits of field grass glued into the place where the four pieces of slate meet and form a convienient hole to support this material as the glue dries.

Now for the arid base. The rocks get a drybrushing with Foundry Base Sand A, B, and C with a final highlight of Vallejo Model Colour Pale Sand.
Then the gritted area gets a drybrush with Base Sand B followed by Vallejo Model Colour Dark Sand.

Some tufts of straw coloured grass and a few bits torn from a sweet chestnut shell to make a thorn bush.

Now a few bits of my neighbour's old doormat to make this clump of thick dry grass.

Now a few bits of straw static grass.... not much.... this is a hot place!

Finally, paint your base the desired colour. I like black on display pieces but gamers tend to prefer earth tones. It is entirely up to you.
I hope that this has given you some inspiration.


Yarik said...

Nice tutorial!
Thank you!

CarloAntonio said...

Great work Mark !! Thank you

Best Regards Carlo Antonio

James Brewerton said...

great work and thanks for sharing. I am slowly growing to enjoy the base work as much as the painting. (taken long enough)
Peace James