Friday, 29 January 2010

WW1 Turks with a twist.

Originally Anglian Miniatures Moroccan Regulars but modified to represent Dervish Volunteer Infantry in Ottoman service for WW1. A knob of green stuff raised the head-dress a little and nothing else was changed. The colour scheme is entirely conjectural as I only had a monochrome photo in the Osprey book to go on.... and the equipment may not be entirely correct... but they look alright, don't they? Click on an image for a better view!


Tom said...

Have you based them entirely using 2-pence pieces! Can get a bit pricey after a while.

Really good though.

Mark Hargreaves said...

Mr S. sent them to me already stuck on tuppenses. notmally I use pennies. Oddly enough... works out much cheaper than purchasing circular plastic bases either way!