Thursday, 22 June 2017

1/4 Norfolk Regiment (TF) 1917 1

Here are the first six of ten figures that will form 1/4 Norfolk Regiment (TF) as part of 163 Brigade alongside the Isle of Wight Rifles. Like the Hampshires they are kitted out in smoke hoods ready for their assault on Tank Redoubt at the Second Battle of Gaza. These are six of the latest releases from Mutton Chop's WW1 range. Oddly titled as "BEF Trench Raiders 1916", Paul Hicks sculpted these chaps to represent Tommies at Loos, 1915.

These chaps are painted up in "Sports Jacket and Flannels", a mix of khaki drill tunic and khaki serge trousers. A real pleasure to paint.


Michael Awdry said...

They are lovely Mark, well done Sir.

Phil said...

Great looking group, diversified and splendid!

Jay White said...

Beautifully painted!