Sunday, 28 December 2014

Ganga Risala Bikaner (The Bikaner Camel Corps) 3. The complete unit.

By Jove! Three weeks from concept to completion. That must be a record for me. Thanks to Steve Langan for providing me with the opportunity to do these figures. I think that these and painting up the new Mutton Chop WW1 figures have to be the highlights of 2014. 

What next? Well, I have a number of Camels to do ready for the same display game where the Bikaner Camel Corps will make their debut and then I'm going to try to move forward with the Queen's Own Dosrset Yeomanry project that has been gathering dust. They too may ride out to defend the Canal in February, but I'm not confident that they will make the deadline. It is a good job I'm on holiday!


Robert Herrick said...

That, sir, is some spectacular conversion and painting work!

Michael Mills said...

Serious eye candy sir. Like always!

Mad Guru said...

Positively fantastic looking figures! They work perfectly as an "iconic" British colonial unit, but at the same time they're also incredibly original, even singular -- no easy combo to pull off! I truly hope you will post pics or a link to pics from the Suez Canal game they're meant for, would really love to see them in action, and also would love to see what the Canal looks like, as if it's anywhere close to as well done as your Indian Camel troop, it will be a sight to behold!