Friday, 30 May 2014

Queens Own Dorset Yeomanry. Musketeer Miniatures (Footsore Miniatures) Conversions 2.

It is almost time to lay down the brushes for the enforced June/early July break from painting. The madness of theSummer Term begins next week and experience tells me just to have a break and forget going anywhere near the painting table. So, having rounded off some commission work I took the opportunity to paint up the first five dismounted figures of the Dorset Yeomanry. These began life as Musketeer Miniatures Dismounted BUF/Yeomanry and one of them was a IWI Black and Tan Auxilliary.

What next after the enforced break? Well, some more Perry WW2 Western Desert Italians augmented by some Paul Hicks sculpted 1930s Italians from Empress Miniatures, a few simple conversions of some Copplestone Russian Partizans to create the "Glasgow Soviet", the lastest Mutton Chop releases (twice) and the rest of the QODY. That'll do for a while. 


Hendrid said...

Excellently done figures. I'm very interested in the Yeomanry and look forward to your next offerings in this vain. Shame about the enforced summer break ;-)

Monty said...

Excellent miniatures once more, Mark.
Simply awesome.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

As always beautiful painting.


Michael Awdry said...

Superb Mark, but like you I'm not looking forward to the next month or so - that said there is a rather splendid light at the end of the tunnel!

Ken Reilly said...

Lovely stuff, would grace any collection.

Phil said...

Great looking figures, love them!