Sunday, 11 August 2013

Perry Miniatures WW2 Western Desert Italians.

 ITWW5: Italian Platoon Command

 ITWW6: Italian Breda LMG Gunners.

 ITWW7: Italian Riflemen Advancing.

All these chaps can now be seen in the shop window at Perry Minatures. Michael Perry asked me to paint them up for him and I will admit to being rather flattered to be asked. He also has a couple of  images of the two groups I forgot to photograph.


Peter Douglas said...

Very nice!


James Brewerton said...

great work as usual
Peace James

Ubique Matt said...

Lovely figures, I'm tempted to purchase their European equivalents.

Jehan said...

Wow, I'm especially fan of these minis !

Monty said...

As always:
Stunning work, Mark! ;-)


Thomas Foolery said...

Beautiful work!

Michael Awdry said...

My gosh Mark, you make those look awfully appealing!

Chris Stoesen said...

Great job. These look really nice.

Bedford said...

Lovely brushwork mate.

How did you find them tom paint up? I ask as they are slighter than the usual Perry offerings. What do you think?


Mark Hargreaves said...

Hi Darrell,

Actually, they didn't seem that slighter but there is a difference when I compare them to some of their other metal ranges. I gather that they are the size they are to fit in with the range of vehicles that are being produced by Blitzkreig. The proportions on these figures are pretty realistic.

As for painting them up I found them a little fiddly at first (like all Perry sculpts), but there again I had spent the best part of a year painting up Great War Miniatures (hefty chaps) and other chunky 28mm figures from various manufacturers. I was also conscious that I needed my eyes testing (done today) and the difference in scale was a jolt to the sytem. However, once I'd done a couple they were very straightforward and I did 31 figures in about four weeks worth of time at the table painting no more than about three hours a day (I'm currently on school summer holidays). They are sculpted with minimal kit, so this speeds things up somewhat. I'm pretty pleased with the results as this is my first venture into WW2. being on a desert theme, confidence was reinforced as I've had plenty of experience painting tropical kits for WW1 subjects.