Saturday, 29 October 2011

Great War Miniatures British Staff, Palestine 1917 2.

British staff officers from Great War Miniatures painted up in tropical dress.
From left to right: Brigade Major 163rd brigade, Lines of Communication Officer from Army HQ, and Brigadier 163rd Brigade.

Major General 54th Division.

Other Staff types for this commission will be very similar to those found in "Staff, Palestine 1917 1." under the Great War Miniatures section this blog.


Rodger said...

These are just beautiful. Fantastic painting.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Simply wonderful!!


Sidney Roundwood said...

Simply stunning. Natural, subtle...perfect.

Beccas said...

Very nice.

tim said...

I really like your treatment of the map! I've always bee tormented about how to do maps - I mean, if you look at someone looking at a map from a distance - like such a distance as they would look the same height as a 25mm figure on a tabletop, you wouldn't be able to make out any detail - it'd look like a bit white sheet - but how to break up that big white area on a miniature... well... now I know!

Beautifully done, sir!