Saturday, 24 March 2018

Going Out For A Spin! Light Car Patrol 3.

Taking the RPM 1/48 1917 Model T Ford Ambulance kit, cutting a few bits off and adding a new rear end resulted in this little run-about for the Light Car Patrol in Palestine. Not a perfect  representation of a 1917 Model T Ford Utility,  but it will do for me.

Here is a real one.

I also scratch built something that looks like a stripped down 1913 Model T, this time carrying a Vickers in the back. 

Here are both together.

This means my Light Car Patrol now has three vehicles at its disposal along with some heavy weight back up from a Rolls Royce Armoured Car. Here endeth the Light Car Patrol Project. Poop! Poop!


Unlucky General said...

Superb effort - both of them. There's nothing better than adapting and creating something different - even unique. Lovely addition.

Michael Awdry said...

An absolute joy to behold Mark! Both fantastic, but extra kudos to be awarded for the scratch built model.

Admiral Drax said...

Lovely work, mate!

A J said...

Nicely done! Those vehicles could even be used against bandits and insurgents in Iraq into the 1920s.