Friday, 17 July 2015

DIY 1/56 British WW1 4.5 inch Howitzer (ish) 1. The theme of GUNS continues.

I dragged out the Plasticard, the Styrene tube and rods, a bit of brass wire and a pair of GWM wheels from a gash 13pdr in the leadpile and I tried to create something that looks a bit like a 4.5 inch howitzer in 1/56 scale. The idea was NOT to produce an exact replica in miniature but to make a passable model as no one, to my knowlege, makes such a thing in this scale suitable for use with 28mm figures. There are no rivets and fine detail here as such is beyond my limited skills and patience. I just wanted to have a go.

The idea, that had been sitting in back of my mind for quite some time, was given a boot up the backside by two things. Firstly, I've had to put the brushes down for a bit due to some pain in finger joints and wrists (age creeps upon us all unseen) and secondly I found a set of  free 1/72 scale plans by Wayne McCullough for a paper model on the Landships website here (just scroll down to the bottom of the page). Having downloaded the plans and printed them out I took the uncoloured plans, scanned them in to the lap-top and rescaled them from 1/72 to 1/56.  This provided the basis for the carriage and the shield. The barrel was fun to make although the shape of the recuperator beneath it provided some problems but I am pretty pleased with the result.

The piece needs a bit of cleaning up here and there which will happen before I paint it, but I thought I'd let you all see the raw, unpainted result of  four hours cutting and sticking.

 Here it is alongside a GWM 18pdr for comparison.
So much for resting the hands. Far better than sitting on them or just twidling the thumbs!


Phil said...

Nicely done!

Michael Awdry said...

What an extraordinary piece of scratch building, cracking job Mark.